June 20, 2007

Audio Converter

Audio converters are designed in such a way as to enable you to convert your audio files into many kinds of formats, to suit every need of yours. Most audio converters transform the audio file into the most popular MP3, WMA, WAV and OGG formats. These are the audio file formats mostly used during audio conversion. The great advantage of such audio converters is that they convert your audio files easily and directly from one format to the other, by using the on-the-fly method, that is, without the need for creation of temporary files during the conversion process. This method makes the whole process faster and far less complicated as well.

Our audio converter is one of the most well-known in the market. With our software, you can easily convert one audio file format into the other. Do you want to convert your wav files to wma? You just need to specify the location of the wav files on your computer, select those files which you need to convert into wma and then click the convert button. That is it – it is as easy as that! Besides, you can ‘rip’ CD tracks right onto your hard disk and even extract audio from video files!

WAV files are easy to edit. WAV files have good clarity and can be manipulated easily as well. WMA files, on the other hand, occupy lesser space and you can store them all together in a playlist created by you. So the conversion to wma files will be really advantageous to you.

Convert all your audio files into mp3 and experience the sheer bliss of true music entering your ears! Storing files in the mp3 format also take lesser space, because the space is calculated in bits and not bytes, which lets you store far, far more songs in an MP3 CD than in a normal one. Once you convert your audio to MP3, you just play the music and lose yourself in it. What is more, it makes it much easier to simply transfer your mp3 files to your mp3 player as well. Just plug it into your ears and get some mind-blowing music with superb clarity and reception!

Our audio converter is one of its kind, in that, it is a practically all-in-one converting software. Using this software, you can directly convert your audio in exactly the way you want it! The following are the functions our converter performs:

• Converting from wav to wma, ogg and mp3
• Converting from wma to wav, ogg and mp3
• Converting from ogg to wav, wma and mp3
• Converting from mp3 to wma, wav and mp3

Our audio converting software is easy to use, with a user-friendly interface, so you will not have any trouble whatsoever, working with it.

Our audio converting software is available for a free trial. In case you have liked the software and would like to go for the licensed full version, it is also most reasonable to purchase. We accept many types of currencies and also offer you the facility of online payment, so you can purchase our product sitting right at home!

So log on right now and try our audio converter for free!