June 20, 2007

Doc converter

Do you sometimes wish you had great software to easily convert your documents from one format to the other? There are many types of software available in the market, but what is more important is that you should be able to operate easily with them, so that your job is done quickly and with the least amount of trouble.

There are as many conversion styles as there are conversion needs of different people. So how do you know which style of conversion and which software for doc conversion will suit you the most? What you should basically be looking for is how user-friendly the software is. Most doc conversion software products available online come with a free trial period, when you can actually get a hands-on experience with the software and evaluate how well it works for you.

The most ideal document converter should be able not only to convert your docs into different formats, but also should be able to offer you more than just one style of conversion. For example, different PDF documents behave differently, so they need to be converted in a different way, using different options. Hence, you should go for a doc converter software that has maybe a standard option that lets you place all kinds of data in the PDF document, another one only to place and edit images in the document and maybe a text option that could let you easily edit text directly on the PDF document. In addition, your software should also be compatible with most of the major Operating Systems as well.

The doc converter software that we are offering you is one of the best ever in the market, loaded with features and yet very simple to manage and operate. Our software has a user-friendly interface, yet is also highly sophisticated in its functioning. You can use this unique doc converter software to convert several multiple types of files located anywhere at all in your computer. Hence, this software is of great use to people who are regularly in need of doc converting software.

Our intelligent software converts your documents to Plain Text, RTF, PDF, and HTML formats, to mention just a few. It is extremely flexible, allowing users to configure it as they please, thus giving them total control over the way they want their document to appear after conversion.

Our doc converter software gives you the following benefits:

• All work is done from one interface, so you do not need to use multiple programs to convert your document into multiple formats.
• Supports multiple formats and offers many options while working on conversion.
• This software offers you the choice of using MS Word’s conversion algorithm.
• Conversion can be paused and resumed at any time at all.
• Saves settings automatically and restores back to defaults when needed.
• Offers command line support, which means, the user can run this program within other programs too.

We offer you a long enough trial period to help you evaluate the product before purchasing it. So log in right now and try our very useful doc converter software for free!