June 20, 2007

DVD Converter

A DVD converter is a application for windows which will let you convert movies on DVD to quality high WMU, MP4, iPOD, Apple TV, PSP, VCD, MPEG-1 and SVCD formats. It can also extract the audio track from a DVD.

You can enjoy and watch your movies wherever you go with a Sony PSP, MP4 player, Apple iPOD video or 3G cells. These make wonderful gifts and are extremely portable for movies on the go.

The DVD converter offers you fast conversion and takes less hard drive room. You can select clips on DVD for ripping besides converting a movies entirety in a huge file. You can also copy movies that have been protected by a copy right.

It is simple to use, all you have to do is load your file DVD, select the profile output needed and then hit the start key and youíre ready to begin your movie watching adventures.

You can also use the DVD converter to convert to iPOD, 3GP, Apple TV, PSP, Zune, MP4, Wav, MPEG-2, MPEG-1 and DivX.

The DVD converter lets you rename DVDís title of movie output, control the quality of audio, surround sound systems and effects and the volume with every task you can format in outputs that differ.

Wonderful back ups of real quality are done to back up your favorite movies in case they are destroyed or lost.

Most DVD converters software are simple to use and has qualities that will make your movies more professional looking and sounding.

The DVD converter comes with a useful interface for giving you step by the step directions on its use and the effects that can be achieved. These are some of the best decoders and encoders out in the market world today.

The DVD converter also has a shut-off automatically and is optimized for the P4.

You will also get a viewing in real time faster speed of conversion and movie DVD completely can be converted in less than 30-minutes if you have a computer on the higher end. Pause features during these conversions are available to use at any time during the conversion process and the part being converted will not become deleted or misplaced. Your configuration of hardware id detected automatically. The display preview will let you view the entire process of conversion while having relaxing waiting for the conversions to be finished.

The DVD converter has support in full of formats. The settings are customized. Most of the DVD converters support the Pentium D and the Intel Pentium 4 type processors.

No matter which DVD converter you choose it is well worth it. How many times have you wanted to watch your favorite movie only to find that the dog has chewed the DVD or the kids have misplaced it. With the DVD converter you can make as many copies as you need and never have to look for them again. You can just pop them in, grab a bowl of buttery popcorn and sit back and pretend your at the movies in the comfort of your own home.