June 20, 2007

Excel Converter

Excel converters are something that any computer user would find handy. In fact you can find yourself struck with work without a good Excel converter loaded in your PC most of the times. For instance if you are a programmer who is using MySql database server and you want to convert a worksheet data from Excel into a readable format, you just cannot do without some type of a converter. You can find many SQL converters for Excel for this very same reason being peddled around by online software vendors.

Similarly you can find many useful unit converters for Excel that is sold online. They allow you to perform various different types of conversions between different types of measurement units. Such unit converters would typically work under Windows 98, Windows 95, NT, 2000, XP and Windows Vista. Make sure though that you have Microsoft Excel, 2003, 2007, XP or 2000 installed in your computer.

With a simple online search, you can also find many converter softwares that will allow you to open Lotus 1-2-3 WK4 files in Excel. You can easily obtain a Lotus 1-2-3 WK4 file converter. The market is literally flooded with such converters. This can be attributed to the world wide popularity of Excel as a preferred worksheet. No wonder then newer and newer converters are hitting the market almost each day. You can for instance, find converters that will allow you to convert Excel files to and from Text/XLS/XML/CSV. With such software you can now copy specific data sheets or even whole sets of worksheets. You can copy an entire worksheet or even add or delete a whole range of sheets within a workbook.

There are other converters too available that will help in Text to Excel conversion. They are usually very easy to use. Most of these types of converters can automatically read text report and then create Excel spreadsheets eliminating the possibility of human error to a very large extent. Then there are the numerous all-in-one type of software that can convert to and from Excel to many other file types including, Lotus, CSV, TXT, SLK, WKS and so on and so forth. You can do an entire range of useful operations including copying or deleting a whole range of sheets within a workbook. You can add a new sheet or even transpose data by converting rows to columns and columns to rows.

You can find plenty of useful information on the various Excel converters that are available by going through dedicated online sources. You can also find detailed product reviews at most of these web sites. You can also shop around for Excel converters with online software vendors. During the initial part of your search for a vendor, it is always preferable that you get in touch with as many vendors as possible. This would enable you to compare product features and price. You can also find numerous online sources from where you can download converters for free. There are numerous other online vendors who will allow you to use a trial pack for a certain number of days, without you having to pay anything. Once you are satisfied with the particular converter you can always upgrade to the full pack, in such cases. You can also go through exhaustive literature on Excel converters at numerous online sources. Going through such online sources always comes in handy while you are shopping around for Excel converters.