June 20, 2007

PDF Converter

Have you done a search on any search engine on the web lately? Most of the files are easily read because they are in a formal called HTML (short for Hyper Text Markup Language). But more and more, search results are coming up as PDF files. What the heck are these and how can you read them to discover the information that you need?

There’s no need to panic. PDF stands for Portable Document Format and is just another type of computer file that can be read by PCs and Macs. They were invented by a company called Abode in 1993. They can be read in any computer platforms such as UNIX, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh and many mobile phones that have internet access. They are often like books, incorporating file tabs, graphics and text. They have a remarkable resolution, being able to exactly copy detailed graphics. Although PDF quite baffled the average home computer user, as time went by, some people prefer PDF to HTML. There are even e-books and e-zines that will only read in PDF. If you need to send information (writer’s guidelines, business charts and instruction manuals, for instance) then by converting your HTML files to PDF format insures that all kinds of computers with all kinds of platforms can read them. You can even email PDF files. This is essential to businesses that have employees scattered all over the world. This has also helped rescue teams and the police to find the information they need to do their vital work quickly.

Another advantage of PDF files is that, if you want, you can protect them with passwords so that vital sensitive information is seen only by those you want to. In this time when internet crime is on the rise, you need to keep your private information about yourself or your business private.

If you know you have information on PDF files that you want to put on other formats like Excel (vital for making everything from receipts to spreadsheets), the PDF converter works the other way – it can turn any PDF file into any other computer software format that you may need.

You do not need to get a brand new computer system in order for your computer to save and open PDF files. All you need to do is download a PDF converter. As Abode’s PDF files become the norm rather than the exotic, there are many free downloadable PDF file converters available on the web

They come with some unobtrusive ads that help keep the PDF converters free. If you do not want any advertising with your PDF converter, there are many makes of low cost (less than twenty US dollars) converters that do not have any advertising. Check to see if your computer might already have a PDF reader usually called an Abode Acrobat. If you use Microsoft Windows XP or higher, you will already have an Abode Acrobat. But if you don’t, it won’t cost you anything except watching a few ads to get a PDF converter.