June 20, 2007

PSP Converter

Different technologies constantly develop in both the communications and entertainment arenas. A consequence of this is a need by the public to develop some understanding about how each of the new technologies interact or don’t whatever the case might be.

One such area of technological development that continues to baffle a large percentage of the general public belongs to the Digital Versatile Disc or Digital Video Disc (DVD) an optical disc storage media format capable of accommodating film/movies and high grade video and sound. Although similar in appearance to the CD a DVD has a far superior storage capacity, about 8 times more.

The public has needed to become aware of the different grades of DVD and CD available in order to utilize them. For example a DVD read-only disc is known as a DVD-ROM whatever its brand. While a properly formatted DVD equipped with architecture designed to handle video content is known as a DVD-Video. A DVD with properly formatted audio architecture is a DVD-Audio disc. All other types of DVD are referred to as DVD-Data discs.

In order to save the public from even more confusion manufacturers such as Sony are continuing to use the DVD term for newer developments that will eventually make the conventional DVD redundant such as Blu-ray, Toshiba’s HD DVD and Maxwell’s Holographic Versatile Disc (HVD), all of which aim to provide a larger storage capacity facility with ever improving playback quality.

For reasons that run parallel with those described above it is necessary for users of one manufacturer’s entertainment equipment to utilize a converter in order to make use of the same material on a different brand. The PSP Converter software is designed to operate on a PC in order to record video into a Sony PSP movie/video format. Currently a Mac version to do so is unavailable.

Fortunately the transition is not a difficult one to process as this can be achieved either using a USB cable or memory stick to help transfer the movie files to a Sony PSP. Although unflattering the term designed for dummies really reflects how companies such as Sony do not ignore the need for their products to easily interact with those manufactured by others. PSP Movie Creator and Video Management software is available today at most computer outlets and certainly can be found online. The use of this software focuses on a connection to PSP and the transfer of video with most of the action being carried out automatically. With a full length DVD movie/video able to be compressed into a 256 MB Memory Stick helps with the basic essentials to see the task through without having to spend a fortune.

The new formats being introduced include Video Recording VR-Mode. This allows editing/deleting of titles and retrieving the vacuum left by their erasure on the disc.

A point worth noting is that both Video Mode and VR Mode are recognized Forum standards in that they are only used to record to DVD approved formats. DVD+RW is not approved by the Forum and therefore is unable to obtain a license.