June 20, 2007

Video converter

This is an exciting time to live. We might have global warming and rising inflation, but we have computers and the internet. The hard things in life like global warming and rising inflation can be easier to take when you can go on the internet and watch video information about your favorite rock star, the latest episode of your favorite comedy show, or learn the latest news about global warming and rising interest rates. The exchange of news is faster, from film of your grandchild’s first steps to how to install solar paneling. You can see it all on videos posted online, even videos sent to your email.

That is, if you have the right software to read the right video files. Online video comes in many types with a virtual alphabet catalog of names – mp4, DVD, iPod, divx, Game psp, Apple Quick Time (.mov), Real Video (rm) and Macromedia Flash Video FLV. If you have a Mac, you are not going to be able to play any videos made for PCs. If you have a PC, you will not be able to play any videos made to be shown on Macs.

Unless you have a video converter, that is. This is a low cost, often free software program made by many companies. It simply converts one format of video to another format, making you able to watch any video on any known video format. Why do software companies often give a video converter away? Because they want you to get a taste of how well their company makes computer software. If you like one sample, then you are more likely to buy other computer software products from them. Free video converters often come with discrete advertising, which helps keep it free. They only usually take a few minutes to download into your computer’s hard drive.

If you are wary about downloading any file from the internet (and you SHOULD be!), make sure you have the latest updates on your anti-virus and anti-spyware programs. They will tell you if the site is for real or not. By regularly updating your computer security software, you will have your computer be able to detect all the new tricks online criminals try to pull. Downloading free software from the internet can be perfectly safe if you take these precautions.

Another reason that you might want a video converter is to watch videos stored on your computer or on the internet to be played on your phone or iPod. This way not all of your valuable information is just in one place – your computer. And, your videos can be portable if you can play them and show them to your friends and family on a cell phone or iPod.

Depending on which video converter you choose to get, you may get a lot of extras to help you edit, add soundtracks or special effects to your videos. Some video converters make great photo albums of your digital or scanned photos. You can edit your photos as a slide show with special effects such as fade out, slide across the screen, or fragmentation. Real photographs are very fragile things that quickly deteriorate in light, moisture or time. Even the best preserved photographs get yellow and faded. You can preserve your irreplaceable photographs on your computer with the help of a scanner and a video converter.