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The world’s diversity has caused anyone who wishes to be competitive to also be educated; educated in culture. The law offices of Greenberg Traurig feel that diversity is something to be embraced, to be passed along as a way of life. Thinking differently is what has taken the law offices of Greenberg Traurig to the top of the food chain. Eliminating the market forces that distract them from their main purpose, getting the best possible outcome for their clients, means the talented and multi-dimensionally skilled employees are happy to be there.

In the world of Fortune 500 companies, Fowler, White, Boggs and Banker provides comprehensive services focused at the smaller “big man”. Nine offices house two hundred and twenty lawyers who are skilled in providing unique representation in Florida and across the United States. Extending their reach globally, the law offices of Fowler, White, Boggs and Banker’s range of services cover administrative, banking, commercial litigation, government contracts and land use, health care, international immigration, ERISA and trade regulation. Whatever corporate needs exist, Fowler, White, Boggs and Banker can help.

Carlton Fields is an industry leader in using cutting edge technology to communicate, inform and connect with their clients. Using video conferencing, the law firms of Carlton Fields is able to conduct multi-party, multi-state teleconferences, witness interviews and depositions. Carlton Fields’ iCONECT is a secure, online client portal that gives Carlton Fields’ clients access to case specific information when they need it. With an internal litigation, marketing and client development department, Carlton Fields shows their commitment to excellence through using the most modern, up-to-date resources available, giving the benefits to their clients.

With depth and experience unmatched anywhere else in the industry, the law offices of Akerman and Senterfitt manage their offices in such a way that teamwork is a priority. Focusing on political and community landscapes, their talented attorneys are active in political causes, community boards, public commissions and fundraising bodies for the communities and neighborhoods in which they live. With an emphasis on community knowledge and industry, the law offices of Akerman and Senterfitt offer an individual approach with a global perspective. Located in the political and financial capitals of the United States; New York, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles, the firm is aware and prepared to assist their clients with their global needs as well. Prop Bono work is important to Akerman and Senterfitt. It gives their talent new ways to offer specialized services to those community members who would otherwise not have access to the legal system while at the same time providing unique learning grounds for entry level associates. This “training” is a continual process at Akerman and Senterfitt and includes all members of the team. While representing the visually impaired, the clients also required civil litigation representation, corporate and development issues and family and housing situations.

Built for change, diversity and challenge, the biggest law offices in Florida are at the cutting edge of what society will be; a global impact on the international market at levels far beyond today’s definition. Located strategically on the coast, Florida’s reach is limited only by the talent and technology it so generously possesses.