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The Gitlin Law Agency, specializing in Family Law, including divorce, child custody issues, the establishment of paternity and adoption is one of the biggest law agencies in Illinois. As one would expect, the Gitlin Law Agency practices efficiency in everything it does. From making sure divorces canít be settled in a less expensive, more amicable way to all communications with their clients being done via fax or, in some cases, email, and this agency respects the fact that when they are being retained, the client is going through something very difficult.

This concern for their clients carries over into the courtroom. Typically when you interview with an attorney, it is rare that the same attorney will represent you in front of a judge. When you retain the Gitlin Law Agency, your case is handled day by day by the same attorney and also handles any contested matters in front of a judge with you.

The Gitlin Law Agency feels strongly that persuading a client to compromise whatever they can to amicably settle any case. This is to reduce the cost to the client, the expense of time spent and to reduce emotional expense. Collaborative Divorces, then, are the focus for the Gitlin Law Agency. Coaches are brought into the divorce scenario to help both parties deal properly with such situations for the children and others involved.

Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C. Law Offices specialize in injury and accident representation. With over one hundred and twenty cases totaling more than $400 million in settlements, the personal injury and wrongful death firm is one of the largest in Illinois.

Their understanding of the physical and emotional pain a client experiences when Salvi Schostok & Pritchard P.C. Law Offices are retained is, in part, why the firm has seen so much success. The financial impact that an injury or death can have is immeasurable. Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C. Law Offices have attorneys on staff with medical degrees, broad legal experience and are routinely named one of the top plaintiff law firms in Illinois.

For more serious, time sensitive types of cases, the Capps Law Firm in southern Illinois has a reputation for expert representation for criminal cases involving murder, aggravated criminal sexual abuse and assault, medical and dental fraud as well as drug offenses of all kinds. Ranging from Driving Under the Influence to cases potentially involving the death penalty, the Capps Law Firm has tried cases in seven countries, as Tim Capps was a U.S. Navy JAG Officer. Therefore, he knows the inís and outís of being in front of a judge, when to file what motions on your behalf and how to work a jury. At this time in life, it is important to make good decisions early on. If you need experience and talent on your side and someone who can begin giving you advice early on in your proceedings about how to answer questions, who to talk to and who not to talk to and when, then call the Capps Law Firm and talk with Tim.