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05 23rd, 2006

Contrary to the belief of many who live outside of the United States, not every U.S. citizen understands the benefits provided to an injured person who has established contact with a lawyer. Some people prefer to keep their personal injuries personal. They do not want to make their personal concerns an object that can be put in public view.

This article hopes to reach at least a few of those who express reluctance to contact a personal injury lawyer about a personal injury. At the same time, this article wants to forewarn any person who gets visions of money when hearing about someone else’s personal injury. A good personal injury lawyer does not agree to take-on just any personal injury case.

A good personal injury lawyer has certain criterion that a prospective client must meet, if that prospective client hopes to get legal help with an issue that involves a personal injury. The prospective client must have a credible story. The prospective client must demonstrate that he or she has not attempted to manipulate the facts. The prospective client must avoid expressing unreasonable expectations.

When a prospective client satisfies the above criterion, then a good personal injury lawyer agrees to take-on his or her personal injury case. The lawyer agrees to help the client gain compensation for doctor’s bills, lost time from work, added medical expenses (such as home care) and endurance of pain and suffering. The lawyer can help the client decide whether or not to put forth an accusation of tort or negligence.

Tort is a wrongful act done willfully. Tort often occurs when someone sees a seemingly easy way to make or save money. Take, for example, the case of the IBM electrical apprentice. He was asked by his superiors to scavenge for a repair part. The area to which he was sent in order to find that scavenged repair part was a “locked-off” power station. The superior willfully sent the apprentice to a dangerous, i.e. a wrong, place.

The apprentice had the misfortune of receiving a severe electrical shock while in search of that scavenged part. That shock caused the apprentice to get burns on 60% of his body. The personal injury lawyer helped the former apprentice to receive a just compensation for those injuries. The burned apprentice got $15,500,000.00.

Of course a personal injury lawyer does not always have a case that encourages the request for such a large compensation. Many times a lawyer will help with a smaller case, especially if a client has previously encountered difficulties with obtaining a just compensation.

One family, for example, had their car side-swiped by a tractor and trailer. As a result of that accident, their son endured irreversible brain damage. The family had rejected an offer of 4.5 million dollars. They had hired a personal injury lawyer. The lawyer helped them to get a total of $8,132, 000.00.

The above examples show times when an injury has resulted from an on-the-job accident or from a car accident. A personal injury case can also deal with a product liability, a construction defect or an instance of price fixing.