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The law firm of Locke, Liddell & Sapp has been practicing in every area of law with core focuses on getting results for over a century. With comprehensive legal strategies taking their clients from the interview to the courtroom, the right team of lawyers is created for each individual client based on their needs. Locke, Liddell & Sapp dedicate themselves to practices in Intellectual Property, Internal and Government Investigations, Media and Telecommunications, Tax, Technology, Appellate, Employee Benefits and ERISA, Financial Services and Insurance, just to name a few. If you are seeking Texas’ best white collar defense attorneys, choose Locke, Liddell & Sapp.

Having represented major oil companies in consolidated class action lawsuits involving conspiracies against employees wages and benefits, more than thirty United States and international energy companies in antitrust cases, two major oil companies in class action suits involving violations of paying royalties and regional mild producers in the nation’s largest dairy coop for violating the Sherman Act which deals with exclusive dealing agreements, Locke, Liddell & Sapp will fight for what is rightfully due.

If you are seeking a law firm who will represent clients in school law issues, then Gibson, Hotchkiss, Roach & Davenport can represent public schools in matters of employment, civil rights, elections, contracts, student discipline and more. Working with school boards and administrators to come to the least restrictive solutions, the primary goal at Gibson, Hotchkiss, Roach & Davenport is to make the best possible effort at avoiding litigation at all costs. Managing legal risk, media exposure and other negative impacts school law cases may involve, the offices of Gibson, Hotchkiss, Roach & Davenport also handle construction disputes, lien claims etc. Representing clients such as State National Bank, Legend financial Corporation, American National Bank of Wichita Falls, U.S. Celular, Shepard Air Force Base Heritage Foundation and Breegle Building Products, Gibson, Hotchkiss, Roach & Davenport has no lack of experience in legal issues such as these.

For Bankruptcy law, Gibson, Hotchkiss, Roach & Davenport can also provide you with the most updated laws concerning the various chapters of filing available to you in your situation. With a hierarchy of rights that distributes any estate assets, the debts and equity must be handled with the most knowledge and experience possible. Knowing the bankruptcy codes and caps that can be paid in varying categories offers the client the most advantageous route to follow through the mysterious process.

With over four hundred attorneys and law offices in Texas, there is none so capable at taking care of a client’s needs as Dunn, Morgan & Nutter. This law firm represents clients in real estate planning and buying and selling real estate. From American first Insurance to Westport Oil & Gas Company, the state of Texas relies on Dunn, Morgan & Nutter for the best in real estate representation. With attorneys experienced in wills, probate law and trusts, Dunn, Morgan & Nutter have been in Texarkana since 1926. Civil litigation matters, including insurance defense, oil and gas and environmental law, real estate law, wills and trusts, business organizations, class action defense, labor and employment law, and medical malpractice defense.