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07 27th, 2006
Eyelash Extension

An Eye-opening Look at the Eyelash Extension.

An eyelash extension causes a person's eyelashes to appear longer. During the acquisition of an eyelash extension, the patient has a synthetic eyelash applied to each of his or her natural lashes. The application of a synthetic eyelash to a natural eyelash relies on a special bonding agent.

The professionals who provide clients with longer eyelashes must apply the bonding agent to one eyelash at a time. The bonding agent is put on the thick base of each synthetic eyelash. That thick base narrows to a point, allowing the synthetic eyelashes to give all those who wear them a very glamorous look.

A look at the facilities that provide an eyelash extension shows that one primary factor distinguishes each provider. That one factor is the nature of the substance that bonds the synthetic eyelash to the natural eyelash. Each bonding agent has sought to deal with the life cycle of the eyelash in a totally unique way.

Suppose, for example, that someone who wanted an eyelash extension had contacted the facility listed on www.novesash.com. He or she would receive synthetic lashes that had been attached to the natural lashes with a platinum bond adhesive.

Synthetic eyelashes that have been attached to natural lashes with a platinum bond adhesive last for a period of 4 to 6 weeks. At the end of that time frame, new synthetic eyelashes must again be applied to the natural lashes.

The initial attachment of synthetic eyelashes takes between 90 and 180 minutes. It costs between $225 and $600. Touch-ups cost between $40 and $100.

Obviously, a bonding agent that can reduce the number of touch ups will also reduce the total cost for all the needed procedures. Is there an agent that binds the synthetic eyelash to the natural eyelashes more firmly than the platinum bond adhesive?

Yes there is. At "extreme lashes" a person who wants longer eyelashes can have synthetic lashes that should stay in place for 2 months. The bonding agent used at this Texas facility is an HP-3 high performance bonding agent. It contains the same adhesive that is used in suture-less surgery.

The enduring hold of the HP-3 bonding agent is not the sole benefit of choosing to have eyelashes that have been attached with that adhesive The HP-3 bonding agent in odorless. It is stronger than other bonding agents, and it dries faster.

The professionals at "extreme lashes" have access to another important chemical. That is a product that can remove the HP-3 bonding agent. That bond remover contains antibiotic agents. The existence of those agents in the remover decreases any chance that the removal of the old eyelashes could cause an infection.

Please note that this article has mentioned in several places the professional attitude of those who can be depended on to provide clients with beautiful lashes. As professionals, they constantly seek to improve the nature of their application techniques. Their skills can never be replicated in a home environment.

For truly amazing lashes, one must go to a reputable facility.

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