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07 27th, 2006

Outlining The Basic Facts about Liposculpture.

In 1991 a large number of doctors arrived in the "City of Brotherly Love", Philadelphia, PA. They had come to attend the 10th Annual World Congress on Liposuction. During that Congress, a man with a very unassuming last name, Miller, talked to the audience about a revolutionary new procedure - liposculpture.

Dr. Miller had designed some new tools, tools that added to the beauty of the liposuction procedure. Dr. Miller's tools allowed the removal of more fat than had been allowed by the earlier liposuction methods. More importantly, removal of fat with Dr. Miller's new tools did not create the dents that were once expected in a body that had undergone a liposuction.

Dr. Miller referred to his adaptation on the original liposuction as "liposculpture." Dr. Miller saw his liposculpture as an answer to the dreams of many overweight women. Often such women longed for smaller breasts. Many, however, hesitated to request a breast reduction. They knew that that such a procedure would leave many scars on their breasts

Dr. Miller had developed a way to reduce the size of a breast without making a lot of large and unsightly incisions. Dr. Miller made very small incisions, and he removed the fat through those small incisions. What most impressed the audience at the 1991 Congress was the consequence from the fat removal.

Previously, doctors had to forewarn patients that a liposuction could create a "dent" in the patient's skin. Dr. Miller had designed tools that allowed doctors to promise the completion of a liposuction without the later appearance of any indentation in the skin. After the liposuction, the patient's skin remained smooth.

Dr. Miller's technique allowed cosmetic surgeons to reshape a patient's body, simply by removing unwanted fat. Thanks to Dr. Miller, that reshaped body did not bear evidence of a surgeon's knife. Thanks to Dr. Miller, that reshaped body did not show at any point the "cave-in" of skin, as had occurred previously, following removal from the skin of underlying fat tissue.

After a "Dr. Miller liposuction," the patient's skin remained as natural appearing as it was before the liposuction. The cosmetic surgeon could thus re-shape a patient's body by removing unwanted fat and sealing the tiny hole through which it had been removed. A woman with very large breasts could have fat taken from her breasts. In addition, her new breasts could be re-formed, creating a pair of breasts that did not seem to "fit with" the image of a very buxom woman.

At the present time, liposculpture has been used to do more than to reduce the size of a woman's breast. Liposculpture has been used on buttocks, thighs and tummy muscles. Liposculpture has been used to remove excess breast tissue from the chest of a man. Liposculpture has been used in conjunction with other types of cosmetic surgery.

Liposculpture has become an important part of the style of life that permeates present-day society. Some cosmetic surgeons have found a way to combine liposculpture with a neck lift. They have created something called a "life style lift".

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