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07 27th, 2006
Neck Lift

Can a Neck Lift Promise Lifestyle Changes?

Adults between the ages of 30 and 70 sometimes become acutely conscious of sagging skin in the area of their neck. If they seek a way to get rid of that skin they might request platysmaplasty. Platysmaplasty is the technical term for a neck lift.

During a neck lift, sections of the skin are trimmed and lifted into place. The lifted skin is contoured to create a pleasing neckline. Once properly contoured, the skin is fixed in place with tissue glue.

If the patient receiving the neck lift has excess fat in the neck region, then that fat is removed, along with the excess skin. The surgeon pulls the remaining skin back to an area either under or behind the patient's ear. The surgeon then glues the pulled skin to that body region.

A patient who plans to consult with a surgeon about a possible neck lift should bring these several items along to the consultation. The patient should arrive at the consultation with a list of questions. The patient should also have a list of the drugs that he or she is taking. That list should include any dietary supplements.

A patient planning to consult with a surgeon about a possible neck lift should also bring to that consultation a group of pictures. The surgeon does not want to see pictures of the patient's children or grandchildren. The surgeon needs to see photos that show clearly what the patient hopes to achieve by having a neck lift. The patient should also have examples of any changes that he or she wants to avoid.

Before sharing those pictures with the surgeon, the patient should first go through the list of questions that he or she has brought to the consultation. The patient should not hesitate to ask the surgeon if he or she carries malpractice insurance. The patient should learn whether or not the surgeon works at an accredited surgery center.

The patient should learn what type of anaesthesthiology will be used during the procedure. The patient might inquire regarding any plans to supplement the traditional neck lift with special threads. Some surgery centers offer a procedure called a "lifestyle lift". Like the traditional neck lift, it can remove sagging skin in the neck region.

The patient deserves assurances that he or she is a good candidate for a neck lift. If the patient plans to loose weight in the near future, that fact should be shared with the surgeon. If the patient is a smoker, the surgeon should be made aware of that fact.

The patient must not shrink from seeking information about any possible side effects. The patient has a right to learn about any and all complications that might follow the decision to have a neck lift. Finally, the patient might need help with paying for a neck lift. The surgeon should have information on ways to finance a neck lift.

Armed with all that information, the patient can better weigh both the benefits and risks that are associated with a neck lift.

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